Oscar snubs

On Tuesday 24th of January the Oscar nominations were revealed for the 95th academy awards.  

Fans have expressed their confusion on social media as a number of films were left out of this year’s nominations. Those that were snubbed included Jordan Peele’s horror/ sci-fi movie ‘Nope’ and Gina Prince-Bythewood’s historical film ‘The Woman King’. 

Viola Davis opened up about the difficulty of finding a willing director and her fight for the filmThe critically acclaimed piece was given a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and grossed approximately $94 million at Box Office while also being well-received by fans. 

While Emmet Till’s story was brought to life in the film ‘Till’, it was left unrecognized by award ceremony nominations. Meanwhile, Angela Bassett’s win for Best Supporting Actress marks a sole recognition for the black acting community in this year’s ceremony. 

Does fairness have a place in art awards? Is it worth our time and energy to participate in ceremonies that don’t judge our craft objectively? 

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