Photo Credit: Sky Arts

The heartfelt ‘Fields’ short-film, written and directed by Charlene Wango, recently aired on Sky Arts [08/04/2022].

‘Fields’ is a candid story of a mother dealing with the struggles of raising a young, Black man in inner-city London. Based on the true events of Pastor Mimi, the trial-filled narrative unfolds and we watch as a mother attempts to save her son from the street’s grip. A turn of event occurs when it becomes clear that, no matter how hard she may try, her wish is mission impossible.

Blue Story breakout star, Stephen Odubola, and Kemi Lofinmakin bring the intimate mother-son dynamic to the screen through a special scene. Faith, sacrifice and loyalty are the themes of exploration which inspire viewers to understand the impact of choice and consequence.

The raw emotion was depicted so well it could be felt by viewers, thanks to Malcom Kamulete, Hope Ipoku Jr, Chinwe Nwokolo, David Alade and the entirety of the cast.

My advice? Anticipate watching on the edge of your seat. Fields is available to watch on Sky Arts!

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