For Youth

We aim to Inspire future filmmakers with our expert-led For Youth workshop, guiding them through key components of film-making, from script to screen and beyond.

For Youth workshop students in front of a camera light

We Cover

  • Lighting & Sound
  • Pre-production
  • Camera angles
For Youth workshop students

What we do

We allow students to unleash their creativity under the guidance and support of our expert instructors.

They are empowered to put their newly learned techniques into practice by bringing their ideas to life on screen.

What the people are saying


My experience with Forus films was very eye opening as we had a more hands on experiences form the beginning and allowed us to have a better experience with the equipment and explore different fields of the moving image sector. The best part for me was the ability to use new cameras and new camera rigs

Malkit (Student)

Following the success of this year’s project with Forusfilms, the company will now be an integrated part of the Media curriculum at H6. They will provide weekly practical lessons to all our Media students. We trust that this new approach will enrich and enhance our students’ skills and experience.

Flo (Director of Creative Industries at Haringey 6 form)

You can see the students improve every week, picking up what they have learned from last week and applying the feedback we give them on how they can improve. The students leave feeling confident in their ability to work on a set and ready with what they need to do which traditional education does not normally deliver.

Shane (Teacher)

Forusfilm have offered our students a unique experience which helped them delve into the world of work. As vocational teachers, it can be challenging trying to balance theory and technical skills while trying to replicate an industry environment.

B Mohamed (Curriculum & Learning Manager for Creative industries & Media teacher)

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