Young, famous & African

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Written by Dee Jo

Drama Drama Drama and then more. I honestly had to pause and question if celebrities truly live like this. 

This show caught my attention because of Annie I mean she has a whole song dedicated to her ‘African Queen’ so I knew I was going to watch so I did and here are my thoughts on the cast and the show in general. 

Like most American reality shows, Young, Famous and African was no different. Although it’s been said it wasn’t scripted, I very much doubt that but it doesn’t matter we will just go with that narrative. It started ok and then it got meaningless like nothing was making sense then midway the drama started which was what we signed up for so here are my thoughts on the cast;

Swanky Jerry – the least problematic person on the show he was all good vibes and chill. As long as everybody is getting along, he’s all Gucci. 

Diamond Platnumz – Another unproblematic cast, his main focus was his kids and baby mama (I’m very sure there is more to their relationship than they are letting on) and oh and Nadia too.

Nadia Nakai – the woman who thinks men are disposable. Well this is true to some extent but I feel like she feels that way because of how she treats men. I say this because how can you say you are seriously seeing a man and giving another man the green light I mean it doesn’t make sense. She’s all about the soft life and can almost say she’s scared of commitment. She likes the idea of being in a relationship but she’s really not about that life for now anyways. 

POV – this applies to both gender, if you treat people the way Nadia treats the men in her life, you will also think people are easily disposable. 

Naked DJ – has to be on the list of unromantic men bless his heart. He wants to be in a relationship but wants his space at the same time not really sure how that works. You’re either in or out! No hanging in the middle, no stringing along just for the sakes of it. In a north shell he loves the idea of having a partner but he’s not madly in love with…. let her go bro.

Andile Ncube – I actually thought he had brain cells till he started chasing his friends ex someone you call your brother. Not sure what game he’s playing but I’m not really sure he loves  Zari, I think he likes what he sees and just wants to sleep with her and call it a day not sure he cares about his friendship with Diamond either. 

Khanyi Mbau – She’s the drama queen, the woman with the questionable parenting skill but who am I to question another woman’s choice. I mean the overall logic behind her choice doesn’t really make sense to me but ayy who am I to judge, whatever works for her . 

That said, what was the point of the drama on the train? I’m still trying to figure out why Khanyi was so mad at Zari. I mean I’m not a fan of Zari but please make it make sense. 

Annie Macaulay Idibia – where do I begin? One thing I do know is that she is not insecure contrary to what most people are saying however I see why people say she is cos of her marriage being in that type of marriage will cause conversations like that. People need to understand 2face is Annie’s world and if you make someone your world, you will continuously make excuses for their wrong doings. One thing Annie needs to do is love herself more to the point where she realises she deserves more than 2face and his shenanigans, she has to come to the realisation that there is more to life than 2face. Annie is a confident woman unfortunately she’s also broken and I think the worst kind of pain in this world is being hurt by the person you truly love, leaving them is even the hardest no matter how much they’ve hurt you and that’s what Annie is going thru. 

Zari – she just wants to be the centre of attention at all cost. She’s more interested in looking like a goodie two shoe than actually being one. She’s self absorbed and calls it confidence, she doesn’t care about who she tears down as long as she’s at the top. She was so disrespectful toward Annie she played on her marital insecurities. She thinks her wealth amounts to confidence but what she’s needs to do is have a reality because she’s a nasty piece of work with mad superiority complex. 

Annie & Zari  – these two see each other in each other and here is why. Annie sees the life she could live if she has the balls to leave 2face and Zari sees the life she could be living in Annie should she have stayed with Diamond (my 2 cents). 

Anyways for those who love reality tv, you’ll love it. Some parts were badly scripted but I guess it’s all for entertainment purposes…..

You can watch Young, Famous & African on Netflix

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