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Written by Dee Jo

Bel-Air is a show I really wanted to not like because how dear they reboot a classic but I actually ended loving it and wanting more

I’m a strong believer in if it’s not broken then leave it be!. I mean like most people feel, let classics remain classics not every time reboot. I personally didn’t think they needed to give The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air a new spin, I feel like they should have left it in the 90s but for what it’s worth, Bel-Air is a good show when it’s not being over analysed and compared to the original because let’s face it one is comedy and one is drama but honestly the comparison is bound to happen #justsaying

The show had a hella good cast. I love each and every one of them Jabari definitely stole the show perfect for his role as Will, Olly as Carlton I’m not so sure of and the producer/director making him into some kind of villain requires a little adjusting to not gonna lie. I like that Hilary’s character is different not just some dumb clueless sister who only wants to spend daddy’s money. Although she’s still trying to figure out what to do after college, she had a path worth exploring which she did. Now Ashley same old sweet loving Ashley I don’t want to go too deep into her character but please let kids be kids. When I was her age the last thing on my mind was trying to figure out whether I’m sexually attracted boys or girls but ayyy I’ll leave that as that. 

Don’t get me started on costume and wardrobe OMG. I absolutely loved it all! Hilary was just delicious to watch I really can’t fault it, Aunty Viv classy and elegant as always and the attention to details for Will spot on. 

Overall good show, modern take on things what’s not to love about it.

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