Savage Beauty Review

Photo Credit: Netflix

I really need to say this, the South African movie industry are steady doing their thing and killing it. They are definitely giving Nollywood a run for their money so they better watch out.The series is about the beauty industry and the double standard it holds. The story line does keep you on your toes because honestly once I started and got into the show, I couldn’t stop watching till I finished. It encompasses all the necessary entertaining elements greed, intrigue, lust and revenge being main purpose of the show.Savage Beauty definitely caught me off guard, it was a random pick so I didn’t know what to expect but alas I was captivated by it. I also have to commend whoever was in charge of wardrobe and set I almost can’t fault it. Now it isn’t all roses and petals but the good outweighs the bad and I definitely recommend it, it’s a good watch.

Watch the trailer to Savage Beauty below.

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