Harlem Season 1 Review

Photo Credit: Adrienne Raquel/Amazon Prime Video

Written by Ruth Ojo

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

POV – I blame ‘Harlem’ for the current divorce situation between Meagan and LeBoo …. there I said it! You really have to see this series to understand

Anyways I wish them both the very best, marriage is not for the faint hearted

It’s the black majority women of colour cast for me it was refreshing to see. That said, I enjoyed watching Harlem, It made me wish I had a group of girlfriends I can experience life with you know just goof around, share feelings and catch vibe

Although I can’t personally relate to the friendship aspect because I don’t have that many friends, I still like how relatable the show is. I like that the women are bold, smart, funny and very engaging in each other‘s lives but not in an intrusive way, I like the character development too

What I didn’t like was the excessive use of swear words and sex, Angie’s obnoxious character like she’s a rachet hoe and always loud and angry, that the white/light skin girl has it all together and decent with rich parents to fall back to and then there is the queer woman and the over ambitious all knowing over educated one. I mean these are typical stereotypes black women face on a daily. Are we not trying to change this narrative? 

Oh the gym class scene where Camille and Quinn thought it was ok to use the N word just cos they’re black I can never understand why some black people think this is actually ok but eyy what do I know. 

Also one question do people just wait to sabotage other people’s relationships or does it just happens in movies?

Aside the stereotypical tone to the show, Harlem is a good watch and I’m looking forward to season 2 so bring it on.

Harlem is now available on Amazon Prime

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