ForusFilms workshop integrated into college curriculum

Photo Credit: ForusFilms/Tabz Wilson photography

ForusFilms are proud to announce that our workshop has been integrated into Haringey 6 Form’s curriculum.

The ‘For Youth’ project was launched in March this year with the purpose of advanced learning & industry insight into the world of filmmaking.

The workshop included working with Tottenham Hotspur club ambassador Ledley King.

Following the success of this project, our company has been offered an opportunity to integrate the workshop into the college curriculum.

The curriculum will give young media students, the opportunity to have weekly film studies. In addition the two jobs roles created by ForusFilms, will be retained.

Read what the staff from Haringey 6 form & Forusfilms had to say about the workshop below:

“Following the success of this year’s project with Forusfilms, the company will now be an integrated part of the Media curriculum at H6. They will provide weekly practical lessons to all our Media students. We trust that this new approach will enrich and enhance our students’ skills and experience”.


Director of Creative Industries at Haringey 6 form 


“We are welcoming Forusfilms again in the next academic year and we are looking forward to working with them in order to enrich our students’ experiences.”  

B Mohamed 

Curriculum & Learning Manager for Creative industries & Media teacher.


“I’m delighted that our workshop has been integrated into the curriculum. Proud of our teachers hard work, the students dedication and growth. I hope we have the same effect with our new students.”

Stefan Co – Founder of ForusFilms 


“Working with the students from Haringey sixth forms was a good experience because it made me reflect on how I was when I first started getting into filmmaking, keen and solely running passion.”

Ruben, Co founder of ForusFilms


“You can see the students improve every week, picking up what they have learned from last week and applying the feedback we give them on how they can improve. The students leave feeling confident in their ability to work on a set and ready with what they need to do which traditional education does not normally deliver.”  Shane, Teacher


“Their dedication to the young people that they / we have worked with is evident in the content created and the attitude that has been displayed by the up and coming film-makers of the next generation. I hope this continues to be a long and prosperous relationship for us and for the young people we encounter in the future.”  

 Matthew, Teacher 


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