Jeen-Yuhs Full Review

Photo Credit: Netflix

The three part documentary ‘Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy’ has taken popular culture by storm. The phenom which is Kanye West starts of as a passionate and driven young man. Wanting to make his dreams come true we see him leave Chicago and transcend into the rapper Kanye West. With many features from artist such as Pharrell, Ludacris, Jamie Foxx, John Legend and more. The documentary gives fans exclusive access into the making of some of Kanye’s biggest songs.  ‘Through the Wire’ and ‘Gold Digger’ with Jamie Foxx were just some of the songs displayed in the documentary. Having a glimpse of Kanye’s music process gives a different perspective to some of the songs that fans have connected with. 

The unsung hero of the documentary Clarence ‘Coodie’ Simmons the director captures intimate scenes between Kanye and his mother Donda West. As Kanye West grows from making beats to becoming one of the biggest artist in hip hop. His mum continues to be a constant guide in his life always being by his side. However Kanye’s relationship with Coodie suffers the strain of Kanye’s fame. We see this when Kanye decides to choose other directors for his videos and when he tells Coodie to stop filming. 

By part 3 we see the toll that Donda West death has on Kanye with people close to him saying that he’s not the same person they met in part 1.  Through tragedy we see the transition from Kanye West from part 1 to Ye in Part 3. 

In recent years Kanye West has been deemed a controversial character due some of his actions, affiliations and statements. The documentary highlights his struggle with mental health but through this Sunday Service was born. His new found belief has given him another outlet to showcase his talents. His other ventures in fashion has propelled him to being one of the most influential people in popular culture. So no matter our opinions on Kanye West we do know that his artistry never stops.

You can watch Jeen-Yuhs on Netflix

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